Impact Soccer is now managed by St Prex Consulting and continues to deliver outstanding service and support, innovation and unmatched passion for the world game.


Driving Football Forward in Australia

Back in 2015, Impact Soccer established Australia's first university based Diploma of Sport Development For Soccer at Victoria University.

The program provided students with access to first class daily coaching, personalised strengthen and condition programs and all the support and educational expertise at the university.  The students also undertook Football Australia's coaching certificates and put into practice what they learnt in class on the coaching field.

The students undertook the Diploma of Sport Development and were supported by university programs such as welfare, accomodation, career guidance etc.  As a result, over 75% of students on this course transferred into tertiary education, with many becoming coaches during their time at university

The aim of the initaivite was to provide a future for each student; improve them as young adults; provide them with coaching certifciates to earn funds while at university and to inspire them to stay in edcuation and create their own career plan.  They also recieved world-class daily coaching and mentoring.

It is the belief of Impact Soccer, that combining world class coaching with educational outcomes is vital for modern sport, and more clubs and federations need to support players through alternative career paths to enable them to fully flourish.

Sport underpinned by education is a win win outcome.

Merging Education with Football Development

In 2014, Impact Soccer established the Enhanced Elite Athlete Soccer Program at MOnash University.  This program was designed to "enahnce the ability of an athlete to successfully transform into professional sport, whilst undertaking an eligible tertiary qualification".  Over 80% of the participants played for National Premier League clubs (the second level of football in Australia).

This was the building block and pilot program which lead to the successful launch for the Diploma of Sport Development in Soccer at Victoria University.

The merging of educational institutions and advanced sport delivery is required for future success for all sports.  The sporting eco system has altered, with young athletes also driven for academic and career success as well as becoming a champion in their sport.

International Partnership with CELTIC FC

2017 saw the very first ever Celtic FC Academy camp in Victoria, Australia.  Two Celtic FC coaches delivered two outstanding weeks of coaching at Salesian College, Melbourne. 

The program was delivered twice a year for 3 years at various locations in Melbourne.  This incredible program impacted over 500 players in Victoria, with many attending the camp every year.

These camps surpased anything devivered in Australia.

The camps were open to boys and girls aged U6 to U13 and had an astonishing level of female players attend. 47% of all participants at the camps over 3 years were female and the delivery was perfect for their development. 
The program played a big part in talented young players development.  Players gained experience and knowledge on self analysis and how to best prepare off the pitch.  It was more than just world class coaching, it was life skills too.

Elite Player Programme with Celtic FC - the first such programme in Victoria, Australia

In April 2018, the very first Elite Player Programme was delivered by the Celtic Soccer Academy in Victoria, Australia.   This ground-breaking programme enabled National Premier League players (NPL and WNPL) to not only learn from the Celtic coaches on the pitch, but also in the class room.

The programme included goal setting, nutrition, communication skills and many more.  Key elements to help all players reach the next level.

The players attended the Elite Player Programme for 3 days from 8:30am until 6:00pm, with three outstanding Celtic Academy coaches delivering all the sessions.

One player was selected by the coaches to good enough to be awarded a week at the Celtic Academy in Glasgow and travelled with his father for a once in a life time opportunity.

The programme also supported local charities and provided three scholarhsips for young players from The Future Footballers project, which creates football opportunities for youth to develop a love of football and a chance to participate in a team environment.

This programme provides life skills as well as world class coaching sessions. 

We are delighted to partner with Soccer Profile

Impact Soccer will be providing federations, leagues, clubs, coaches and players the opportunity to improve their game and enhance their development through Soccer Profile.

For clubs and federations - track the development of every individual

For coaches - manage specific areas of your team and assist every individual

For players - take ownership of their long term development

Impact Soccer will be workign within the Australian football ecosystem to provide discounts, access and support from Soccer Profile.

We are delighted to partner with SICS - leading Data Analytic Software

In 2021, St Prex Consulting were delighted to partner Italy's leading data analytic provider and explore new opportunities in Australia.  Through Impact Soccer, our staff are committed to help Australian football grow, assist all clubs, players and coaches in anyway possible.

Our staff constantly look at innovation, technology, coaching practices and the entire football industry for new and exciting ways to assist Australian football and this partnership with SICS is certaibly an exciting partnership that will enhance coaches communication with players.