The Need for St Prex Consulting

St Prex Consulting emerged to address the business needs of sporting organisations, while at the same time, assist businesses to grow and learn from successful sporting organisations.  A logical approach when adapting to new circumstances is to learn from existing successful practices, methods, organisations to understand their approach and operational methods, and then act on it.


St Prex Consulting started as Impact Soccer in 2013 in Australia. Impact Soccer was formed to create solutions for and to help address the impact on players who do not reach the playing level they dreamt of obtaining.  The initial concept aimed to link education with advanced coaching for players to provide them with a ‘plan B’ and also keep them engaged in education. 


Not all players can become professional players but providing them with alternative future careers while keeping their love of football and remaining active, was the catalyst for the formation of Impact Soccer in 2013.  As Impact Soccer grew, the needs of sporting organisations as well as those involved with sport became apparent and the focus shifted globally to address this, while also helping start-ups and companies learn from the sporting world.


7 Years of Evolution and Impact

In partnership with Monash University in 2014, Impact Soccer delivered the Enhanced Elite Athlete Soccer Program to ‘enhance the ability of an athlete to successfully transition into professional sport, whilst undertaking an eligible tertiary qualification’. 


In 2015, Impact Soccer established Australia first university based Diploma of Sport Development in Soccer at Victoria University.  Students had access to first class daily coaching, personalised strengthen and condition programs and all the support and educational expertise at the university.  Over 75% of students on this course transferred into tertiary education, with many becoming coaches during their time at university.


Impact Soccer, in association with Football Australia, delivered coach education courses to these students.  This improved their confidence, employment opportunities and enabled them to coach at local schools as part of the Australian Institute of Sport initiative called Sporting Schools.


Impact Soccer, in partnership with Melbourne City FC, became the largest coach provider of the Sporting Schools for football in Australia in 2016.  Over 120 schools and 25,000 boys and girls aged 5 to 10 a year received fun, energetic and professionally delivered coaching sessions.


As a result, in 2016, Football Federation Australia engaged Impact Soccer to create a sustainable local pathway for players and increase participation levels for the national Aldi MiniRoos Kick-Off Program.  This program was aimed at primary-aged boys and girls as an alternative means of discovering football.  Impact Soccer designed the end-to-end engagement model to drive participation, engage local clubs and coaches and provide a streamline local pathway for players into football for the first time.  This holistic integrated strategic solution was particularly successful for clubs aiming to grow their female participation. 


In 2017, Impact Soccer became a Celtic FC Soccer Academy international partner and organised training camps at Salesian College and at clubs across Melbourne.  Ongoing discussions with Celtic FC regarding player exit strategies and educational coaching content, resulted in Impact Soccer delivering the first Elite Player Programme in Melbourne in 2019.  This programme was designed for players’ personal development and football education. 


This programme was unique in Australia and enabled young male and female players to analyse various aspects of the lives and set goals to improve each day using self-evaluation.  Watching these young players thrive during this programme, advancing their learning and developing as people, was exactly why Impact Soccer was established back in 2013.


During 2018, Impact Soccer created an online App to help clubs monitor, assess and manage players, as well as help players and coaches manage development and long-term goal setting.  The App captured player performance and well-being data, attendance, testing and other key indicators to help coaches create long term development plans and enable clubs to plan for a successful future

Formation of St Prex Consulting

There is now a need for sporting organisations, both national (large) and community (small) to adapt to a new environment, remain financially viable and still grow their sport.  To do this successfully, they need to reskill, train and support those involved at all levels in the organisation.  St Prex Consulting has the knowledge and experience to work with these sporting organisations and create a bright future for them and their staff.


Our vast sporting experience can also significantly assist start-ups and existing companies become stronger, faster and more successful by utilising our sporting methodologies and taking part in our educational programs, such as advanced teamwork and leadership advancement.


The sporting and business landscape has changed in 2020, and St Prex Consulting can help your organise adapt, change and progress into a bright future.

Your success is our goal


St Prex Consulting approaches all projects in the same manner: understand the purpose (the WHY), ensure high quality communication (explaining the HOW), leading to trust (the WHAT).  

The starting point is to ensure everyone involved understands the purpose, the cause and the reason why the project is being undertaken. 

Excellent communication in sport and in business is vital for success and focusing on this ensures that the correct actions take place and the correct decisions are made. 

As a result, TRUST in the project, the organisation, the coach or the outcome grows and drives the team forward collectively.