St Prex Consulting is a unique consulting organisation that merges best business practice with sporting methodologies. 
Our vast commercial, strategic and operational experience within sport and large organisations, provides the foundation for lasting success for our clients. 

We help established businesses, sporting organisations and start-ups with their strategy, structure and staff alignment to ensure they reach their goals.  

We assist in executing strategy, designing the best working structures, helping to motivate, train and develop staff while providing robust financial forecasting, planning, monitoring and data analytics. 

Our unique offering is helping organisations with their strategy and talent be sustainably successful - like a top sport teams.  

St Prex Consulting is focused on helping companies and sporting organisation implement their strategy and remain financially viable.

Mission Statement:

"To create the right conditions for sporting organisations and businesses to prosper and develop"


Organisations, clients and partners that our experienced staff and consultants have worked with.



We design and develop comprehensive financial modeling and analysis services for start ups, existing organsiations and sporting entities, that help provide consistent and beneficial outcomes, as well as helping decision-makers translate quantitative and qualitative information to accurately forecast financial outcomes.

Our expertise in financial modeling has helped us develop working procedures, methodologies and quality control frameworks that deliver reliable outputs for our clients every time.

Our finance experts help with forecasting and budgeting, creating robust business plans, procurement costing cacluations and financial modelling, to enable leaders to succeed both in sport and industry.


We pride ourselves on providing a tailored project management service, delivering value for money by providing the highest standards of project management, utilising our experienced project managers to realise business benefits and deliver projects to time, cost and quality.

Our Project Managers are fully qualified and work with the client from initiation through to realisation and maintenance.  They provide strong leadership, effective communication, problem-solving skills, as well as enthuisam and team-building to drive success for clients. 

We assist clients in establishing their options, defining their project needs and managing project delivery. From feasibility and conception design to execution and maintenance, St Prex consultants are with you at every step.

Our aim is to become your trusted advisor. Prefect for sporting and commercial organisations.


We assist businesses and sporting organisation connect their strategic objectives to their processes, projects and individual performance and monitored constant.

Our experts help create a clear and understood strategy underpinned by tasks and responsibilities. 

The strategic plan estbalished in collaboration, helps organisations achieve their goals.  It comprises the daily structures, systems, and operational goals that set teh organisation up for success. 

Our financial experts help align and allocate the budget with the strategic plan, objectives and priorities.

Strategies aren’t stagnant as evolve with new challenges and opportunities. Communication is critical to ensuring you and your colleagues start on the same page and stay aligned as time goes on.  Our experts regularly track and monitor performance, evaluate challenges, barriers, and opportunities that arise, to allow your organisation reach it's goals.


We assist organisations solve their operational challenges today.  Our operational management consultants provide specific solutions to our client's particular challenge, and employ metrics, advanced research, and problem solving acumen to optimize clients' business processes.

Our knowledgable team help you create growth, define your operating model and build on your internal capabilities, allowing your organisation to flourish.  We help companies successfully implement their strategy, generate improvements and navigate all change management challenges.

Since people are at the heart of success, our collaborative approach ensures organisations are engaged, motivated and trust that a transformation in performance can be achieved.  Our Sustainable Sporting Success model is perfect for all sporting organisations, but also just as effective across all industires.  


We can help turn your company into a data-driven organisation and work with you and your teams define a data and analytics strategy that will optimise your data analysis and maximise your companies’ data potential.

We work with you to define your data and analytics strategy that will optimise your data analysis and maximise your companies’ data potential.  We help organisations take back control through to ensure you benefit from advanced data analytics, by working collaboratively to help identify your key business questions, align teams and help create an an advanced-analytics environment, so you benefit from advanced data analytics. 

We have experts with advanced sport analystics experience also to drive the right outcomes for your sporting organisation.  Our aim is to put analytics to work for you.



“I am fully aware of your vision and passion to drive measurable and long-term success through your programs and I congratulate Victoria University for embarking on such a worthwhile partnership.”

Harry Bingham

- ex Director of Football, Football Federation Victoria


“We have always found Impact Soccer to be professional, adaptable and highly motivated to deliver an outstanding soccer program for students.  The school's feedback has been exceptional and is a testament to Impact's vision and unique delivery model”

Sue Crow

- Melbourne City FC


"It's refreshing to hear from a passionate partner that has the best interests of the game at heart.  This engagement and partnershp with FootbalL Australia will build the local pathway national strategy”

Salv Carmusiano

- Football Australia


"It is better to solve one problem five different ways, than to solve five problems one way"

George Polya